Star And City




Star And City is a TTRPG based upon the world of Library Of Ruina and other Project Moon properties, as well as the themes of supernatural Urban fantasy stories like Chainsaw Man, Jujitsu Kaisen, Supernatural and more. 

You are to take up your reins in the great City, the last known settlement on a time-lost earth, where man has ascended to godhood, both via their advanced technological augmentation and the uncovering of a mysterious force known as E.G.O., a power that comes directly from the emotions of Humans. Citizens face incomprehensible horrors, corporate oppression, and the struggles of finding a place to sleep, and eventually someone is going to bring an end to it.

The gameplay and systems of Star and City put great focus on its system of Conflict, using a card game esque series of clashing turns where each participant uses their many skills and powers to take advantage of the situations they find themselves in  


Joel Happyhil, Dark After Games
Joel Vreugdenhil, Abolova, Michael DeMarco, Drew Beamer, Osama Almadhagi, Alexandr Bormotin, Ben Collins
File Size:
11.48 MB


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