“One step is usually enough; to be way in over your head” – Z3D4Y.    

How TDAD was Born?

 Here we are! Me.. typing and perhaps you are reading! It means we are still here and still fighting!  

 For me the strugglr of it all..  is Mental Health! 

 On the worst day of my life for at least ten years; I sat down to write as form of therapy, to try to unravel some of the deeper aspects of myself that needed freeing. For the sake of both learning and for recovery.  I wrote the beginning of a story which featured a character who on the night he tried to kill himself (in remarkably similar circumstances to my own near attempt in 2015) awakens to a world of mystical horror. Whose sheer trauma unlocks access to unimaginable power, to fight the personification of his emotion- one that is designed based on a hallucination during another such terrible) but is able find the strength to walk away! Which thankfully I did! For I am now married to my wonderful wife and have a beautiful ten-month-old Boy.

 When finally, I couldn’t write anymore. It was because I found myself stuck. “Why?”, I thought. I still have so much more to work on.

 And true I do! But I still have so many things I want to fight for and against. Which reminded me of the many hours I’ve spent dreaming of fighting bad guys, playing video games, and exploring the settings of TTRPGS.  Many of which had dark themes and explored contentious and incredibly important discourses through play.

 Thinking on that, When I began to write down what things I would fight if I had the ultimate power to do so! It didn’t take long before they like my hallucination from years before. Could be crafted and designed in such a way they could be both explored and fought literally! With Dice and Paper, that I could take them to a point where they did not have power but could inspire that same sense of Will that had gripped me as kid, to be a Jedi, a member of the Thundercat’s or a Rogue in the World of Dungeons and Dragons.

 This is when the Dark after Dawn was born!  



The System has been designed to focus on the interplay of dynamic charecters and interesting interpersonal narrative. It was important then that The Dark After Dawn be as accesible as possible. Taking away or adapting over-complicated elements to allow anyone to experinace the world of mystical chaos we are building. 


Accesible And Original- RULE SYSTEM

The Dark After Dawn- System Reference document has been built from the ground-up. While some elements such as attributes,skills,equipment,Magick etc, might be familair. They have been designed to continue allow for profound accesibilty.  

Here at Dark After Games; we have channeled the experinaces of health diffciulty, Mental Health 



The world of Dark After Dawn; wether empahasising the existance of Magick, Horror and the supernatural. Is still based on the diversity of real life.  

In this take on the horror genre; there is no reliance on stereotype, tokenism and misrepresentation.  Instead each villian/monster etc has been designed to reflect the universaility of human experiance. Allowing the Game Guides and Players to adapt their encounters as it matters to them. For fair and balanced play. 




Every story you’ve heard about the Daemon,Vampyres, Monsters and Conspiracy Theories are all false! But that doesnt’t stop it being real.  

In making this game we have been inspired by and researched mythology,magic and monsters from acrosss history, country and continent, Combined with my own University Research into the interplay bewtween Philopophy, Religion,Psychology and Sociolgy to flavour and enrich the Perosnal Horror Experiance.  



This Game is about Humans! Real ones who experiance; Pain, Trauma,Illness, Disability,War, Poeverty Crime,Discrmintin, Disillusionment,Disinfranchisement, Turmoil,Anguish,Suffering,Loss…  

Some fight to love everyday, finding the willpower to get from moment to the next. Others will lose the battle. While others wll come close to death as can be and skate from momnent to moment as best as they can. 

Each is different to the other next… their experiances different. Yet all those people…whoever they are..whereever they maybe.. 

Have the potential to change the world! The Dark After Dwn is about; searching,discovering,harnassing that indvidual power and being ispired by the things that matter to you.To change the world!!



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