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Custom System Reference Document 

The Dark After Dawn ”MAKING MAGICK’ System Reference document has been built from the ground-up; with the sole purpose of focus on the interplay of dynamic charecters, interesting interpersonal narrative without a loss of accesibility for all player types. 

This system; has as such been created with familar game concepts in mind but have also been redesigned to make the game narrative heavy/rules light. Without losing the depth of options avalible for players to take but rather making sure that the mechanics behind said actions can be picked up, explained and enjoyed by any player.


The world of Dark After Dawn; wether empahasising the existance of Magick, Horror and the supernatural. Is still based on the diversity of real life.  

In this take on the horror genre; there is no reliance on stereotype, tokenism and misrepresentation.  Instead each villian/monster etc has been designed to reflect the universaility of human experiance. Allowing the Game Guides and Players to adapt their encounters as it matters to them. For fair and balanced play.  

In making this game we have been inspired by and researched mythology,magic and monsters from acrosss history, country and continent, Combined with my own University Research into the interplay bewtween Philopophy, Religion,Psychology and Sociolgy to flavour and enrich the Perosnal Horror Experiance. 


This Game is about Humans! Real ones who experiance; Pain, Trauma,Illness, Disability,War, Poeverty Crime,Discrmintin, Disillusionment,Disinfranchisement, Turmoil,Anguish,Suffering,Loss…  

Some fight to love everyday, finding the willpower to get from moment to the next. Others will lose the battle. While others wll come close to death as can be and skate from momnent to moment as best as they can. 

Each is different to the other next… their experiances different. Yet all those people…whoever they are..whereever they maybe.. 

Have the potential to change the world! The Dark After Dwn is about; searching,discovering,harnassing that indvidual power and being ispired by the things that matter to you.To change the world!!

Original stories and narrattive extracts developed and written in conjuction with “Legends of Primedia” and “As Good A Man There Never Was: The Dark Festive Carol”  Author Simon Wright.  


An image posted by the author.

An extract from Zero Day: From the Dark After Dawn Core Rulebook:

“Icy cold cut through him as he hobbled awkwardly through the streets of Havenwood, the November bite overcoming his meagre attire with ease. Forcing his free hand further into the pocket of the thin jacket he wore, Davis Jones leaned heavily on the stick in his other hand, shoulder straining to take the weight his back proved incapable of supporting. He could feel tears welling in the rims of his eyes at the thought; twenty-six years old and already reliant on a crutch just to move around; what kind of future was he being offered? A patch of frost underfoot caused him to slip, and he was forced to stop as his body jerked painfully. At least he remained on his feet. He took a deep breath of the crisp air about him and tried to shake the malaise from his head; after all, the problem with his back was a minor inconvenience next to everything else”.

Chakir - Coming Home

original Page ART before each piece of fiction

by Hera M. Parameshwari 

Hera is an digital and Landscape artist from Indonesia; who has been working on The Dark After Dawn, since its inception.  Pieces such as the one below has been created after reading the original fiction for the game and designing scenes directly from the game itself.  

The one below is taken from ‘Coming home’  and is of the Charecter Chakir. A member of the Draiochta Coterie, the playable faction of The Dark After Dawn: Core Edition Rulebook.

COMING SOON: An Introduction to the Draiochta Coterie and the other Factions of our world!!

The Dark Days are upon us! Those seemingly normal moments are being twisted by the Supernatural, and those who encounter it.Are never the same. 

What happens next? Is anyones guess!  


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